Cindy Sweet Wells


About My Art


Much of the inspiration for my patterns and designs comes from European fine arts and crafts. Because the pieces I create are beautiful to look at and add elegance to everyday tasks, I consider it “useful art”:  a unique piece you will use and enjoy every day.

The paints I use are specifically designed for use on glass.  Each work is carefully painted using only brushes, paint, and good light.   No stencils are used, and unless requested, I never make identical items.  My designs require many layers of paint and can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 weeks to complete. Once completed and thoroughly dried, the paint is then baked to a hard, water resistant finish.

These washable art pieces are made to be used in the home. Water and mild detergents will not take their paint off or diminish their design. However, scratching and rubbing against other dish ware (i.e. in your dishwasher) will. I suggest that you carefully hand wash each item.

Available for retail sale by appointment:


Annapolis, Maryland